Brato Brewhouse + Kitchen is an up-and-coming Boston-based brew pub founded by Alex and Jonathan, a couple of guys who really love great food and beer, and who are excited to serve their neighbors in the greater Boston area with a thoughtfully designed menu of creative hand-crafted dishes and craft beer offerings.

Brato intends to become a cornerstone of the community, sourcing raw materials for their kitchen from local sustainable sources. Partnerships with local farms and fisheries will give Brato access to the fresh meats, dairy, produce, and seafood that will make up the menu items, and although hops and yeast may come from various regions around the world, Brato’s fresh craft brews will frequently highlight local maltsters as they apply to specific beer recipes.


Alex Corona
Co-Founder & Head Brewer

Alex has been brewing beer since 2009. Originally a homebrewer, he was enamored with the vast array of flavors and the careful blending of art and science he saw and tasted from local craft brewers. Alex tirelessly consumed knowledge of the history and chemistry of brewing, and his brews began winning medals in local competitions. In 2010 Alex’s beer won him the opportunity to shadow a brew at Sam Adams. Fueled by his successes, Alex reached out to other local craft breweries, convincing both Wormtown and Jack’s Abby to take a chance on his personal award-winning beer recipes. Alex continued to have a lot of success with his hobby, and in 2012 he won a trip to Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp to collaborate on a new recipe with the brewery. At this point he was considering leaving a lucrative career in software development to pursue this passion professionally. He was turned down for an Assistant Brewer position at Cambridge Brewing Company due to his lack of production-scale experience. Alex knew that if he wanted to go all the way he needed to up his game. He enrolled in the Siebel Institute of Technology’s Advanced Brewing Theory Program in 2013-2014. Despite not getting hired at CBC, Alex stayed in touch with Brewmaster Will Meyers, a 20+-year industry veteran, who followed Alex’s progress with his education and brewing skills. A year later when the previous position reopened, Alex was offered the role of Assistant Brewer, then soon after promoted to Brewer. Over his first couple of years at Cambridge Brewing Company, Alex had the opportunity to do everything from scrubbing tanks and filling kegs, to developing recipes and procuring raw materials. At the start of 2016 Alex assumed the role of Head Brewer, reinvigorating the CBC brand with new and reformulated recipes, while maintaining the quality of their 4 house beers and rotating seasonal beers. With the support of his CBC family, Alex is excited to be opening Brato with his partner, Jonathan Gilman, and sharing his passion for the art and science of beer with the community.


Jonathan Gilman
Co-Founder & Executive Chef

Jonathan has been pursuing his passion for sustainable food and the craft of cooking since 2007. Afterstudying around the world from Cape Cod to South America, he landed a position at Cambridge Brewing Company where he learned the challenges and rewards of running a kitchen, from helping to maintain the inventory and supervising quality control, to managing line cooks and running the day-to-day operations. In 2010 Jonathan accepted his first Executive Chef position at a popular restaurant in the Fenway neighborhood, winning the Best of Boston award for Best Restaurant. In 2012 Jonathan moved to Vermont where he managed the kitchens at a pair of struggling joint owned and operated restaurants. Jonathan made a case to rebrand them as one restaurant, and worked with the principal owner of the two restaurants to design the business for a more sustainable future. During this process he learned the challenges and process of opening a restaurant, and later helped to negotiate the sale of the business to a local restauranteur. He stayed through the transition to ensure the stability of the business which has now seen exponential growth. In 2014 Jonathan returned home to Cambridge and rejoined Cambridge Brewing Company. Equipped with the experiences of running a kitchen and turning things around for a struggling business, Jonathan is excited to be opening Brato with his business partner, Alex Corona, and sharing his passion to support local agriculture and artfully craft dishes to complement their craft beer offering.